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4 - Data Explorer

Dear Airtable community I need your help, please.

We’re currently using Pipedrive (PD) to track our customers throughout the sales process and I’d really like to automate adding information to Airtable (AT).

Does anyone know if there is a way that, when an orders is WON on PD that this customer record can automatically be created in AT? We have broadly similar fields, but from looking at Zapier, I can only see this linked to all activity updates/ creation of records, but not specifically something that ‘runs’ when an order is WON. Really hope you can help…! If I’m missing something that would help answer the question, do please ask and hopefully this is something that I can get up and running.

Thanks in advance,

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In general, the way that this typically works (in a no-code/low-code way) is that you would monitor for ALL updates, and then only continue your zap if the order is “won”.

In Zapier, you do that by creating a conditional path. So your conditional path would only continue if the update that was just sent to Zapier was a “won” order.

However, for me personally, I find it much easier to use Integromat to do this, because it’s significantly easier to visualize & control conditional paths in Integromat (and Integromat is much cheaper than Zapier, too).

In Integromat, you use “filters” and “routers” for your conditional paths:

Note that if you want to get even more advanced, you can dive into custom API calls, custom data storage, and/or custom JavaScripting. In those cases, you can typically do searches ONLY for your “won” orders, but that gets more tricky because you also need to keep track of the last time you did a search so you don’t keep returning the same results over & over again. It’s just a little bit more of a complex puzzle that you need to figure out.

p.s. I’m an Integromat Partner and an Airtable consultant — if you ever need to hire an expert to help, feel free to contact me through my website at