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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello Airtable builders,

We have been heads down working on a tool that we think you will love building with.

Today we are launching SQL as a better Airtable API.

Previously, we launched our first sync between Airtable and your Postgres database right in this community. We’ve been floored by all the tools, applications, dashboards, and businesses the community has built on this sync.

After working with thousands of Airtable teams, we heard a common suggestion: it would be amazing to write to Airtable through the database. Instantaneously creating, updating, and deleting records with nothing but SQL.

So we built it. Read and write to Airtable using all the power of SQL. It’s pretty cool. You just have to see it for yourself:

Let us know your thoughts 👇 It’s free to get started, and we are excited to see what you can build with Sequin.


Eric and the Sequin Team

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Eric, this sounds interesting.

As I understand it, you run SQL queries on a local Postgres db which then bi-directionally syncs to Airtable - is this how it works? 

Hi @gbrown - thanks for taking a look 🙌

Yes - we create a real-time, bi-directional sync between Airtable and your database. You can `SELECT`, `INSERT`, `UPDATE`, and `DELETE` records just like you'd expect - and the data will return or update from Airtable immediately.

To make this work and feel very simple/intuitive (i.e. no scheduling, manual re-runs, async errors) you'll connect to your database using our Postgres Proxy - which works like any other Postgres instance, but allows us to ensure the database and Airtable remain in sync.

Give it a whirl - I'm around and would love to hear what you think