API keys will be deprecated by the end of January 2024

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We have received a notification in our Airtable account that "API keys will be deprecated by the end of January 2024". We have integrated our Airtable and Salesforce account using Zapier tool. Does this Deprecation notification affects the current integration happening via Zapier?. I saw the below comment in Airtable help article that we don't need to do anything, and Airtable will take care of the third party tools(Zapier).

Note: We are working with third-party integrations to migrate to using OAuth for integrations. No action is required on your part until they complete the migration, after which you can stop using your API key and use OAuth to connect instead. 

Please assist me.



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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @PradeepDB,
I also had some questions regarding this as I started using OAuth and converted all the Zapier Integrations to the new system. This is the response by Airtable Support that explains it quite well👇

"All OAuth implementations are created and managed by the 3rd party. Zapier for example is responsible for creating their own OAuth implementation following our specific guidelines. If the integration is being revoked, it means that the OAuth implementation was not configured properly and does not follow the guidelines that we have presented. To resolve this, the 3rd party is responsible for adjusting their configurations.

On the Airtable end, we are constantly trying to improve our OAuth offering and are releasing updates to reduce the scenarios where an integration can be revoked. However, the 3rd party configuring their OAuth implementation still has the responsibility to follow the guidelines and restrictions that we set. If you have any issues with an OAuth connection, please reach out to the 3rd party to notify them." 

This response is guided more to the Zapier Integrations being revoked due to security concerns. However it's clear that you have to ensure you convert to using OAuth with Zapier. The best way to do this is by adding a new App (Airtable) in your Zapier account. Then any existing apps that have not been converted over to the new App connection in Zapier are. 

Hope this helps!