Retrieving Airtable tab data into R

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Hello dears,
Hope you are fine. Actually i’m new to Airtable and now i’m trying to connect Airtable with R to retrieve some data , then make some amendments on it , Then upload it again to its tab. Or insert certain rows into base tab.
the code i’m trying is
TravelBucketList = airtable(BASEID , tables = c(“tab1”,“tab2”,“tab3 BI”,“tab4”,…))
Subset = TravelBucketList$tab1$select_all()

the error appeared is
Error: HTTP error: 404

and what can write if the tab name has a space ?

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If the table name includes a space, you must URIEncode the value.

Hello @Bill.French
Thank you so much for your answer.
i’m trying to understand what is URIEncode values.
but that also a reason for this error ? Error: HTTP error: 404 NOT_FOUND

This may seem harsh, but it you don’t have a basic understanding of URI and URL encoding and also HTTP response codes, you probably shouldn’t be attempting integration development. I recommend you hire skilled people to help you build integration services, or take some classes to learn these skills. We can certainly provide guidance and ideas here in the forum, but it’s very difficult to provide training.

Most likely, yes - the URL is invalid and probably because the space in the table name is causing this. Try replacing the space in the API call with “%20” and try to run it.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

You can use Skyvia Data Integration to connect Airtable and R. it is a no-code freemium platform.