Script to tick all boxes in a given field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,

I am wanting to add a button to a view so that when it is pressed, all the check boxes in the view are ticked.

In an ideal world, pressing this button would also send all the records to be printed (I have designed the printable page in page designer) however this is less important for the time being.

any assistance would be appreciated.


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Can you clarify what you are looking for

  1. Do you want to find a free script?
  2. Do you want to write the script yourself, and need a bit of assistance? Post the code you have so far and explain where you are stuck.
  3. Do you want to hire someone to write a script? If you are interested in hiring an experience script writer, you can book an appointment with me to discuss your project.

Note that Airtable supports buttons for running a script in only two places: the scripting app box, or as a button field. If you want a button in the view, you will need a button field that shows up for every record. However, all of the buttons will call the same script, and the script can act on all the records in the view. It makes for a cluttered user interface, but until Airtable supports view specific buttons there isn’t much choice.

A script cannot send records off to be printed from Page Designer. The script can select the checkbox for all the records in a view, which drives the filter for a different view that is used by Page Designer. In addition, a script can also clear the checkbox for any records that do not appear in the view.

Hi Kuovonne,

i’m looking for a script template really.

in an ideal world, the output would be that you can click a button field and it will run a script that automatically adds a tick to all checkboxes in a given field.