Appsheet fundamentals integrating with Airtable

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

If anyone is trying to buid Appsheet apps on top of AIrtable, here’s a few posts you might find useful. And if interested you could provide your own experience. I have found it much more complicated than I expected, and have found very few forum references to help (isn’t anyone else out there trying to do this?)

Basic first step, setting up security filters to restrict data access by user profile – I raised this question in AIrtable forum and found this answer in Appsheet forum (my question was already closed before I got a chance to post the answer).

How to handle links and table keys if you want to allow Airtable data to be edited and added natively as well as via the appsheet app. I came up with a complicated solution but am wondering if anyone has found an easier way.

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