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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi again,
everyday I love more and more Airtable! I had to admit that... 🙂
But... I stuck on KEY function of builded app... KEY FUNCTION 🙂

I have a list with products, min/max are numbers, and defining working range for product:
name | min | max
abcd | 100 | 200
efghi | 145 | 455

I have to add a search field in interface where user can type a number, and table will be filtered to products in range. For example typing 70 - gives no results; typing 120 - gives abcd; typing 190 - gives abcd and efghi.

If not in Airtable - can you recommend any no code tool for building this (with Airtable as backend).


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Hi @swanlike,

To create an effective interface, you can utilise a Dashboard interface layout with a view containing all the products you need to display and incorporate a filter element linked to the relevant table, placing it prominently at the top of the interface (to make it clearly visible).

You can then add two filter conditions,:
- one that asks for the specific number field value to be both greater than or equal to the 'minimum'
-one that asks for the specific number field value to be less than or equal to the 'maximum.'
where the minimum and maximum are values that the user can input in dynamically

This method would require the user to input the maximum and minimum in two different conditions, not plug them both in the same condition, but I think it serves as a practical workaround to achieve the functionality you are looking for

I hope this helps!


5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks @Alessio_Monino - this is the way which I choose for internal tasks, but still looking for external tool to build a nice app with data from Airtable. Probably I will go with Bubble... I don't like it but...

Again: thank you!

Hi @swanlike,
Bubble is great, I typically prefer - depending on the use case - Softr as external tool connected to Airtable. If you have a budget to invest on the development, I would be very happy to have a quick chat about how we can work together to develop the solution, this is my Calendly link: