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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am looking for a solution for my cycling club that would allow me to create categories for outings and whose members could register by looking at the different outings offered in the calendar. People who offer outings would have the right to create outings but those who register could only add their name and remove it if they cancel.

Is it possible do this apps with Airtable

Enhanced Cycling Club Outing Scheduler

Key Features:

  1. Categorized Outings: Allow the creation of multiple outing categories (e.g., Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Leisure Rides). Each category can have different permission settings and details like difficulty levels and expected duration.

  2. Interactive Calendar Interface: Utilize an easy-to-navigate calendar interface where outings are displayed. Members can click on a date to see all available outings and their details.

  3. Member Registration System: Members can register for outings with a simple click. Upon registration, the member’s name will appear under the outing, and they'll receive an automatic confirmation email with outing details and a calendar invite.

  4. Role-Based Permissions:

    • Outing Creators: Designated members (like coaches or experienced cyclists) can create outings, set maximum participants, and edit details. They can also cancel outings if necessary.
    • Regular Members: Can register and unregister for outings. Their ability to interact with outing details is restricted to viewing and signing up.
  5. Real-Time Updates and Notifications: Whenever a new outing is created or an existing one is modified, members receive real-time notifications via email or a mobile app. If they're signed up for an outing that gets canceled or rescheduled, they're immediately notified.

  6. Attendance Tracking and History: Keep a log of member participation in outings, which can be useful for organizing loyalty programs or awards for active members.

  7. Feedback System: After each outing, participants can leave feedback about the route, difficulty, and overall experience. This information can help outing creators improve future events.

  8. Mobile Compatibility: Ensure the system is fully functional on mobile devices, allowing members to check and sign up for outings on-the-go.

  9. Administrative Tools: Provide club administrators with tools to manage categories, outings, and member roles. They can also generate reports on member participation and outing popularity.

  10. Social Features: Include options for members to share outings on social media, invite non-club members, and even create private outings for specific groups within the club.

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Airtable could serve as the backend storage database for this, but you would need a tool that could create the front end app for you.

The 3 most capable tools for this would be Noloco, Softr, or Glide. (And Make could handle your automations.)

I don’t have too much prior experience with Softr and Glide, although I am learning both of them as we speak. 

I am a Certified Noloco expert. I give a brief demo of Noloco on this Airtable podcast episodeAnd I gave an entire one-hour webinar on Noloco called Building a Client Portal on Noloco powered by Airtable. The CEO of Noloco gave a demonstration of his product on this BuiltOnAir podcast episode.

— ScottWorld. Expert Airtable Consultant