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I am working with the Airtable API using PHP to retrieve records.
I find that I can use curly braces around field names when using filterByFormula. However, I cannot use curly braces around field names when specifying which fields to include or which fields to sort by.

This does not appear to be a problem because field names with spaces are retrieved even without the curly braces. However, I still found being unable to include curly braces confusing.

Has anyone else noticed this? I didn’t see this covered in the documentation.

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I could be wrong about this, but I think the ability to use curly braces in PHP is a function of PHP itself and the Airtable SDK you’re using.

I say this because when using the Javascript SDK, there is no ability to use curly braces that I know of.

Thanks for the reply. I definitely can use curly brackets / braces when using filterByFormula. I do not think that it is related to PHP, and I am not using a specific SDK, just vanilla php to access the Airtable API. The api documentation (which has added more information in the past few weeks) now includes an example for filterByFormula that has curly braces for both curl and javascript.

However, curly brackets do not work in other areas for me, at least when they are url encoded.

You are right - the SDK does allow curly braces in the filter method.