Using Wix Corvid code to pull Airtable data into Wix using a scheduled job every hour

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I spent a lot of time learning this integration using native Wix Code. So I’ve created a Udemy course at that shows you how to integrate Wix and Airtable with no 3rd party middleware in between. The code uses the Wix FETCH function to call the Airtable API. It’s tricky because Airtable paginates the data to only return 100 records at a time. So my code uses the Airtable offset to loop through the data (very quickly) in batches of 100. I use it on my own site. The cost of the course is $30. The code is provided on the example website that comes with the course…but you need to pay the $30 for the course to get the password for the code page…

The course is for beginner level coders or people who have never used Wix Corvid before so it covers off all the basics…

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