Voiceflow API on the same line please ?

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Good evening,

I'm at a dead end. I would like to create a way with Voiceflow to send information to each question asked by the AI. Unfortunately they put it on several lines instead of putting it on the same line, can you help me please ?



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Could you provide screenshots of what issues you're facing and examples of what you'd like it to look like instead?

Thank you very much for your reply. 

I would like to make a series of questions, so that the answers are added to the same Airtable line without making an additional line.

For the moment when I answer the first question, the answer is added to the first line and for the next question the answer is added to a second line

Do you think this is possible ?


thank you in advance 

Hmm, ideally you'd want to solve this from the way you're creating the records in the first place, that is to say, whatever system you're using to create the records should check for a unique identifier (probably the "Reference" field?) to see whether it should create a new recod or add to the same Airtable record

If that's not possible, I'd suggest creating an automation that'll trigger when a new record gets created that'll look for a record with the same "Reference" value and append the value to that, then delete itself via a Run a Script action (available on Teams and above plans)