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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, I want to be able to gather information from a conference management tool called Confex ( Where do I even begin to understand how to integrate with an IFTT tool? What questions do I need to get answered?

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The preferred way to interact with online services like Confex is through an API (application programming interface) that would allow users to retrieve and update data through authorized access points. A quick browse through the site doesn’t show any indication of an API, though. It’s still possible that they have one that’s just not mentioned openly, so that would be the first question to ask them. If their response is “What’s an API?” then it’s almost guaranteed that they have no intention of letting anyone access the data except through their own interface.

They noted to me they use “the RESTful api, which is read only for the most part.” That said, would I have to use something like Zapier’s webhook to bring the data into AT?

No. You could use a script in Airtable, either in a Scripting app or in a scripting action in an automation. Either one would let you call their API, but your workspace will need to be on the Pro plan or higher to use scripting actions in automations. Use of the Scripting app is still free for a little longer I believe.

If you need help with the script, just holler. Unfortunately my plate is a little over-full, but there are lots of others here who can assist.