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4 - Data Explorer

I have a holiday calendar that I want to plan for future years. Instead of typing in future dates, I would like a formula to calculate it automatically. I would like a formula that if the date type is fixed, add one year to 2020 date. I also am different and use the mmmm dd, yyyy format. Is there anyone that can help?

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How is the date type selected? Is it chosen from a single-select field? What are the other date type options, and how should they be processed (if at all)?

The field formatting options for the formula field will let you pick the format you want. If the DATETIME_FORMAT() function is used, it will be rendered as text, but leaving it as a date will let you do further processing more easily if you wish.

Thanks for the reply, but I was referring to your comment that you wanted this formula to only operate “if the date type is fixed,” which gave me the impression that there were other “types” for your dates besides fixed dates, and that the formula would need to check for the date’s “type” somewhere else in the record before doing its thing. Is that not the case?