Adding a letter infront of an autonumber

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi AirTable Peeps.

I basically have 3 tabs on my AirTable base. And an ‘autonumber’ set up on each tab.
Using API I will be sending the information to local database. But each record needs a unique ID number.

I was thinking I could add a letter in front of the autonumber. So Tab 1 - has letter ‘A’ infront, the second tab can have B in front Etc.
This will avoid duplicate ID numbers.

Any idea whats the best way to do this? I have browsed community Q and A and tried a few things but not been able to do this.

To avoid confusion (for me) the name of the field/column is IDNumber.


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To elaborate, your primary field needs to become a formula field, with another field (possibly called {IDNumber} using David’s example) as the autonumber field. The formula could be as David outlined, or the shorter version:

"A" & IDNumber
4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

THANK YOU! I’ll hide the extra column - and that works. Woohoo
@Justin_Barrett @David_Skinner - appreciate it!