Re: Adding HTML code to a formulated field that can then be inserted into a webpage (like E-bay listing)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

HI all,
I am trying to use a base to “build” and format HTML that can be copy/pasted into an E-bay description page. This would then save me tons of time and give me unity in my listings.
I can get output as simple text, but line breaks, bold font and even color formatting eludes me.

Here is a the current “formula” ,
I would like (ex) TITLE to be 14pt and BOLD when deposited in the listing (see bottom)
&" "
&“min "
&” Unfortunately if the film does not have a synopsis in the can. Please search the web. "
&" V.S. "
&" "
&" Overall condition-"
& Wear
& " wear "
& IF({Teach Guide}=1,“Comes with Teacher’s guide”," " )
&" Item Number "
&" Original Cost "

Here then is a slink to a listing done “by hand”. NO I’m not trying to sell you something!!


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Your help is greatly appreciated. - Dave

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Hi @David_Shaw - as your listings seem to be well structured with the same elements and attributes for each product, you could do something like this:

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 17.42.42

where the HTML field is a formula:

'<h1>' & Title & '</h1><p>' & Description & '</p>'

Obviously, you could make this a lot more styled with font-sizes, list bullet points and so on if you wanted to. From your post it sounds like you’re not too familiar with HTML, so these resources might give you a head start:


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks Jonathan for the quick reply.
I’ve been doing web stuff since the 90’s, so HTML is not that elusive for me.
Dreamweaver et al helped a lot!
It was the syntax for insertion into the formula that had me going. It was those pesky single quotes!
I shall now head down the dusty trail, instead of a rabbit hole.
Thanks again.
P.S. you could still buy something from my store…lol - just kidding - STAY SAFE Ya’LL


I hope you’re well. I just came across this thread and thought you may have some insight on the issue (which I’ve detailed in a different thread).

In short, I’m using a button field to send an email (through Gmail) when clicked but the body text is passing through unformatted and on one line. Do you know of any code to add that would create the line separations in the Gmail message output?

I appreciate your help.


Hi @Noah - using the newline \n seems to work OK for me. On my button formula I have this (largely taken from your other thread):

& '&body=' & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT('blah\nsomething else\nand another thing')

and this is shown in the email as:

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 22.15.36

I noticed in the other thread that you’ve tried \n - was the formula the same as this or something different?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @JonathanBowen
Thanks for giving this a quick look. I spent some time toying around with the formula and was able to figure out what the issue was: the \n line break only works if it’s within the ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT section. If it’s just thrown into " ", the function does not carry over to Gmail.

I appreciate your help here!