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Hello! I am new to using Airtable and am excited to learn about its capabilities. I am creating an event program and I would like to enter the start and end dates of each part of the program. Is it possible to automatically update the end time of each event based on the duration that I input? For example, if I enter a start time of 6pm and a talk that lasts 6 minutes, I would like the end time to be updated to 6:06pm. I would like to use this feature to see if any events are going over their allotted time. Can you help me with this?

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Hi @paulmtilley 

You can use this formula next to your start date and duration field: 

DATEADD({DateTime Field 1}, {Duration Field}, 'seconds')


The trick is that a duration field stores its value in seconds. You can also read @Jeremy_Oglesby his post about this here.


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