Can't believe no SPLIT formula exists on Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer


I have been searching a quite universally used feature like split text to columns, which is something we are quite used to do.

Should be as easy as: SPLIT function - Docs Editors Help

Of course it might need indicating destination fields, but that’s all…

Possible response: “We don’t know how many output columns there might be”-> just limit it to the number of output columns specified within the formula.

If I set only 2 output columns, then too bad if a field had 3 strings, only 2 will get out of it.

Instead, I have only found this “solution” around here:

I mean, WoW we are spliting a field to to columns, not sending a rocket to mars…

In this specific case everything needed would be the SPLIT formula using the break line as separator and the 3 destination fields. And voilà, done.

So guys, would really appreciate that you contact the right department and ping them about giving the SPLIT formula a try. I think many people around will appreciate it.

My current workaround: Copy to google sheets the column, SPLIT, paste back to Airtable.

Yeah, I know, I bit embarrasing, that’s why I opened the topic.


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