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I need to say "available" or "unavailable"

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I need some sort of way to say if my equipment is available or unavailable
I run a small warehouse in my neighborhood
I have a wedding soon and we need some of the equipment
How do I calculate this and record to people that on such and such dates there will be less equipment left?
And if I take everything then it should register that the equipment is out of stock
Let’s say there are 60 tables I take thirty and I need them for 18 to 21 and someone comes that day to try to take
It will say that we have only 30 tables left if you want more please come bake after 21
We have an ordering system in AIRTABEL so it should register him that on that day the tables are not available to try later
It should also work by hours say if we have an event between 2 am and 4 pm on a certain date it should list that it is not available between those hours and can be returned later
DO I need to use automation or I can use a formula?
Thanks for the help

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@David_Furman This will end up being an advanced set up. How are you marking the tables when someone uses them? Is there a checkout equipment feature you already have in place?