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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all,

I currently am trying to create a formula in which I calculate days since last contact, with some of the source cells either being blank or having "N/A" as a value. I plan to make cells either all blank or "N/A" if the person hasnt been contacted.


what I am trying to do is have a tonow(date of last contact) formula in which if the cell is blank or N/A it states "N/A" instead of "invalid date".


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Hi @Rhett,

The solution here could be adding an IF() statement at the beginning of your date difference tracking formula. The IF() condition should check whether the last contact date is empty and if it is put the value that you would like to show in that case (this could be N/A or even something else like "NEVER CONTACTED). If not empty, the IF() condition should show the date difference 

I hope this helps!


@Alessio_Monino Thank you for your reply.

I tried this below:

IF(tonow(Date of last contact), "N/A", 


But instead of doing a to now function it just puts everything as n/A. I tried using and function and still cant figure it out. one attempt was:

IF(TONOW({Date of last contact}),TONOW({Date of last contact}),TONOW({Date of last contact})
AND(TONOW({Date of last contact}),"N/A","N/A"))