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Check a date against a static date

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Wanting to check Date of birth against a static date, if true emoji if not blank.

If(DOB<=12/31/2017, :star: ," ")

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  DATESTR({DOB}) <= "2017-12-31",

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hi @RJ_Southam,
Your formula is correct as long as the field with the date of birth is called DOB.
I would possibly modify it to this: If(DOB<=12/31/2017, :star: ,"") if you want to actually have a blank field when the condition does not hold instead of a field with a space.

Hope this helps!

Calendly: Calendly - Alessio Monino

Thanks Alessio, any other idea it still says invalid formula I tired =< and <= I also tried brackets around the date…

  DATESTR({DOB}) <= "2017-12-31",

Actually the original formula had several issues.

  • Emoji are characters and need to be enclosed in straight quotes.

  • Hardcoded date strings need to be enclosed in straight quotes. As written 12/31/2017 is a mathematical expression that evaluates to about 0.000191917091816.

  • It is also better to compare text strings with text strings rather than hoping that Airtable will correctly do data type conversion.

  • it is better to completely omit the third parameter than to include a text string of one space or an empty text string.

Thank you that worked!

Would you help me with a second part I want to flag children that are turning 3 this year as of today.
DATESTR({DOB}) <= “2017-12-31”,
“ :mortar_board: ”,IF(
DATESTR({DOB}) between today and “2019-12-31”, :balloon: