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Populate the 26 records with the Alphabet automatically

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Hi Everyone,

Is there a Formula to populate the Alphabet Automatically. I have created a Auto number column and created 26 records and I need to populate the Full Alphabet Automatically. Is this possible or not?

Thank you

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

There are ways to create 26 records, each with a different letter of the alphabet. However, they are all more effort than manually creating the records and typing in the letters.

You could have a SWITCH formula that converts the autonumber to a letter.

You could have a script that creates the records with their letters.

You could type out the letters, one per line, and then paste them into Airtable, having Airtable create new records.

You could use a third party automation service like Zapier or Make. But again, that seems like a lot of extra work.

Thanks @kuovonne!

I think this may be the solution. Can I know the full formula?

Thanks Again!


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Hi @kuovonne and everyone,

Sorry if I disturb you!

Can I know the full formula for this? Or can anyone add the full formula for this?

Thank you!

Have great day!

You can see the syntax for a SWITCH function in the formula field reference. It is listed with the logical functions. Be sure to put your letters in straight quotes, and no quotes around your numbers.

You could also use MID(string, whereToStart, count) for a bit of a simpler formula.

Write out all the letters in order for the string, then use Autonumber field for the where to start and put 1 for the count.