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Autonumbering Formula Problem

Hello everyone,Me and my team are working on a database for my business, to be frank we're new to Airtable, and there's something we can't quite figure out. There's this one table that is for recapping all of our clients' consultation sessions. After...

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Single Select Outputs for Formula fields

bonjour la communauté, la nouvelle mise à jour des champs de formule permet des sorties à sélection unique pour les champs de formule. J'ai un champs ou est concaténé plusieurs informations incluant une sélection unique. J'ai testé cette nouvelle fon...

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Recreate If statement from excel

Hello everyoneI'm NawafI have a long nested if statement that i used to use in excel but I can't figure out how to use it in airtable the idea is i have 3 columns first ( permit status ) second is ( remark ) when the conditions meet, I want the third...

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Resolved! Find the maximum of three date fields including time stamp

I found this formula in the community. However I want to include a timestamp aswell. Since {date 1}, {date 2}, {date 3} may occur on the same day. I tried adding a format specifier but it wont work... The formula sets the time to a default 12:00am in...

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Attachment through Formula

Probably no way of doing this without an Automation right?I'd just like to have an image for my records based on a single select field. Essentially a Single Select field for images! I want to be able to assign a Logo for each record. Then on an inter...

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