Circular formula migrating from working Excel to Airtable Base

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble migrating data from Excel to airtable I hope someone can help me solve this problem:

I am creating a app to manage a betting strategy and it has two tables:

Bets table has the amount i have to bet in each round and Strategy table has the minimun bet of the strategy. The objective is that when I change the minimun bet in the second table the firstone updates automatically.

In the bets table the structure is:

  • Round: (0-30) identifies in with round am I
  • Restart round: Identifies with an X the rounds when I restart the minimum bet
  • Previos round: Links the round with previous one
  • Next bet: its a formula with the expression

IF({Restart round}="X",{Minimum bet},ROUNDUP((({Minimum bet}*2)+{Acumulated Loss})/2,0))

  • Bet Amount: Brings the value of the next bet from previous round linked record
  • Acumulated Loss: This one I have the problem with. It should be a formula that adds all the bet ammounts of previous rounds and restart at the restart round but i can't configure without generating a circular formula. 

Here is the base:

Thanks very much in advance!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This is one of the biggest differences between Airtable and Excel. Since there is no "order" in Airtable, it doesn't see the rows in the same way that it does in excel, so it can't add previous rows to each other. The Circular error is because you can't reference the same field you are putting the formula in {Acumulated Loss}

Check out this tutorial on how to create a running total. Technically, that's what you're trying to do here.