Counting linked records based on parent table field

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4 - Data Explorer

I'll try to keep this simple. 
TLDR: How can I use a field in parent table to bound the results of a linked table rollup?

I have three tables as follows:

  • People- containing personal info
  • Tasks
    -Task date and other pertinent data
  • Graphs
    -Start Date, End date

Using integration with I want to graph various aspects that are pulled from the tasks table, BUT I want that data to be bound by the start/end date of the graph. 

I'm successfully using an automation to list all tasks (linked field) that fall in the date range, and then from that list another linked field to find all people that did work during that time. 

Now, what I'm trying to do (unsuccessfully) is use a rollup to count items by person based on DateStart/DateEnd (which have been converted to strings). 

The *problem* is that when I use "Only include records" it does not allow me to dynamically define that inclusion- I have to hard code it. I want to say "only include records where TaskDate is > Start and <End"

I think I'm going to have to go back into automations to do this using a nested loop- but hoping there is something easier I haven't thought about. 

TIA for any help

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Hmm a possible workaround could involve you linking all of your records to a single record somewhere else that has a "Start" and "End" date, then you use a lookup field to pull those values back into your main table and use a formula field to check against the lookup field dates

Apologies if I've misunderstood your question