Re: Create a fomula using OR with multiple IF(FIND) conditions

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7 - App Architect

Hi Am fine with IF(FIND) formula when I want different outcomes but not sure how to set up when I want all outcomes to be the same. I know the outcome from AND/OR will be 1 or 0 which I can then work from but need help with how to write the actual formula!

Below is my template formula I use to remember the IF(FIND) formula and adapt to whatever I need - if it helps to show me what I need to add where please use

IF(FIND(“search#word”, {search#field}), “the#result”)

Any help really appreciated have been searching but not finding yet.

Thank you

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Hey @Maria,

what do you mean ‘all outcomes to be the same’?

Have you ever tried switch formula it may works for you.

Dimitris Goudis

Wow! thanks for such speedy reply!

I am trying pull certain transactions from a bank statement that I don’t need to find paperwork for so the IF(FIND) conditions could come from multiple fields with different condtions which I can add to over time but the only result I want “no paperwork required” but also want option to easily change the result if I want to.

I am looking at your suggestion now to see if.

Thanks again!

Actually just realised I can do that by changing the formula I use to pull info from OR result ie. 1 or 0

Think the OR formula is more flexible for what I want as the conditions are so variable. What do you think now after my previous reply?

Without having clear in mind what do you want to create, I recommend you to embed the Find() in the OR() like this: IF(OR(FIND(),…,FIND()),“return if at least one find returns a value”, “return if no matches in find functions”

Does it work for you?


Thanks. Looks like what I what but really confused how to put my example into yours?

IF(FIND(“search#word”, {search#field}), “the#result”)

into your solution.

As obviously I don’t need the “the#result” bit as that will come from your formula but don’t know how to make it work?

Thank you

Let me give you an example:

lets say that you want make a search into 2 fields the {Field 1 text} and the {Field 2 text} for a specific key_word in each case:

the formula is: IF(OR(FIND("client",{Field 1 text}),FIND("text11",{Field 2 text})),"matched","nothing match")

or in a more readable view:

        FIND("client",{Field 1 text}),     FIND("text11",{Field 2 text})
     "matched", "nothing match")

Please keep in mind that:

  • you can store your key_words in fields if you want for further automation
  • the “nothing match” is the default value of all checks in case nothing matched.

If this answer doesn’t help you please feel free to text me dm to give me more info on the issue.

Dimitris Goudis

my sample base to see the results is here: