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Re: Created Time Field Not Showing Correctly

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, I have a base that I copied from an example inventory sheet. I deleted all the records but the first one and then started entering my own. For the first record (from the original copied base) through the 18th record the date shows the wrong month and year (the day may have been correct). The rest of the rows look like they are displaying the right date.

How can I fix the first 18 rows to get the correct create date (or since this is not editable is that possible)?

Thank you!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

@Meg_Green, is there any more information you can share? Did you copy your duplicate your base from a template or just copy in information from an Excel document or the like?

If it is your own base, any of the columns/records should be editable by you, including “Date” columns. The only thing I can think of for why the information is not displaying correctly is that it’s a different field like a linked record that’s pulling in data from somewhere else.

A screenshot of your base might help to troubleshoot the problem!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

@Matthew_Thomas it was copied off of Universe, some template for inventory tracking. I deleted all the records but the first, and most of the tables but the main one and another. The “Created Time” field is only in the main table, does not connect to any other table. My understanding is that it would reflect the date/time that record was created. Thus, I would expect the date to be off for the first record (since that is the one I did not delete) but do not understand why it would be wrong for the others. The site says this field is not editable since it is system generated (the creation date/time of the record).

Does that help? Thanks!

That does help a little. I wasn’t sure what column type you were talking about originally. The “Date” column is user-editable whereas, you are correct, the “Created Time” field is not.

As to your question, you’re also correct in that it should reflect the time and date when you click the little ‘+’ icon to add a new record. My only guess as to why things may display incorrectly for the first 18 rows is you merely deleted the data (i.e., highlighted everything and then delete) as opposed to deleting the actual records (i.e., selecting a row via the checkbox on the far left, right-click, and delete record). This seems to be the case since, as you say, new records you add are behaving correctly.

If this sounds correct, you could “fix” the data you currently have by adding 18 new rows, copying and pasting the information, and then deleting the records (by the checkbox/delete method, not the keyboard delete). To have a little more control over the column you could change it to a “Last modified time” field, but that might not be helpful in your use case here.

Thank you - I am pretty sure I deleted the rows, but it was a month ago so I could be wrong/going crazy. This is to track the duration of something in inventory being tracked as a backup if the user doesn’t list the date as they should. Good news is this is a trail run of the DB so I’ll definitely make sure for the next iteration they are all deleted!