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Date is just ... inexplicably wrong (today() formula)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a complicated string of formulas that is setting due dates. The short of it is I have a "complete" column (checkmark) and "Date completed" (static field). A task is completed and marked with a checkmark in complete where it stays visible all day, then at 11PM, today's date is added to "date complete" which filters it out.  

The date complete is the base for a series of formulas in another table which basically determine when to reopen the task as being due again. I've been struggling to figure out why my formulas aren't behaving as expected and I think it comes down to timezone. 

The most granular failure I can find is a plain formula for "today" - that is the whole formula just "today()" ... the automation pulls the data from that column to drop into date completed and "today" is wrong. I've tried manually setting all date fields to CST, I've tried leaving them all as the standard GMT, I've tried "use same time zone" in formatting and I've used the "set timezone" arguments in all my date fields.    

It is currently 1/16 at 9 AM and today() with America/Chicago formatting says it's 1/15 at 6 PM and similarly, adding set_timezone to the formula still yields 1/15 instead of 1/16 ... which it clearly and inarguably is not.

It seems that should be the most simple piece of the puzzle and it's driving me crazy that it's not right. How do I fix this!?!?!?  

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