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4 - Data Explorer

I’m sorry if im not clear enough i’ll try my best to explain what i want to achieve.

I have a table called Courses that contains a list of courses in row (like Math, Physics… etc)
Each Course have a date (like 1/1/2019) and Students can register to a class (through form).

a record will appear like (separating column with ‘|’ symbol):

student1@email | Math | 1/1/2019

but students can register to multiples class:

student2@email | Math Physics | 8/8/2018 1/1/2019

I wish to list students that attended the Math class on a specific date like:

student1@email | Math | 1/1/2019
student2@email | Math | 1/1/2019
and not
student1@email | Math | 1/1/2019
student2@email | Math Physics | 8/8/2018 1/1/2019

Using a filter with “not Physics” will remove the entry of student2

If i click on date entry 1/1/2019 i get all students that attended the class in a window, but i don’t know how to export this into a new grid view.

I wish you understand my problem and also that it can help other similar issues.
Thank you for your help

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Two tables should get you what you need.

The first table would be your Courses table. This would start with just two fields: Course Name, and Course Date.

The second table I’m calling Registration. The primary field would be the student’s email address. If you want to capture their full name, you could add a Name field. The other main field on this table would be Courses, and would be a link to the Courses table.

Once this is built, add a Form View for the Registration table, and design the form you want students to fill out when registering. When filling out the form, they’ll enter their email (and, if you’re collecting it, their name), then add classes from the available list. After they submit, this will add a record to the Registration table data, with the courses linking to the Course table. When viewing the Course table, you’ll be able to see the email addresses of all registrants in an automatically-generated field.

Will this work for your needs?

I have the same problem.

Table 1
Contact Name | Titles Received
Joe Doe | Title 1, Title 2, Title 3

I would like to create a table that automatically creates a record for each Title in the Titles Received array

Like this:

Table 2
Joe Doe | Title 1
Joe Doe | Title 2
Joe Doe | Title 3

Does that make sense?

It does make sense, but there are currently no features in Airtable that create records automatically based on the contents of an array. You could still achieve what you want, though, by rethinking the process slightly.

I’m going to call the second table [Titles], and set it up like this:


All records have been removed. {Contacts} is a link field, {Name and Title} is a formula field using the following formula:

IF(Contacts, Contacts & " - " & Title)

With that set, here’s the [Contacts] table, which is pretty bare-bones for the purpose of this example. Just the name and the incoming link from [Titles]:


In that link field, click the + button to add a new link, then immediately choose + Add a new record at the bottom of the popup, which will bring up a space to edit the title record. Enter the desired title into the {Title} field, and the formula for the primary field will automatically build the full hyphenated title including Joe’s name.


Click out of the record editor to return to the grid view. To add another title, click the + in the {Titles} field again, and repeat the process. Each time you do this, you’re creating a new record in the [Titles] table: