Find keywords in a string, then assign a tag

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I'm quite new to airtable and have been unsuccessfully trying to solve this for a while now. I'd like to assign a tags to a record based on keywords in a long text field. 

For simplification. Let's assum guests at a wedding text me their food options as a text field. Then I want a script or formular to find keywords in the text field. If it matches a keyword it should then assign a tag. 

In the image below: I want to assign the tag "omnivore" if either keyword (meat, fish, chicken) appears in the column "Dinner requests". The other keywords respectively.

In my case, I only need to assign one tag, not many. We can disregard the possibility that a guest wants vegan and meat option.


This is my keyword mapping table. In total, I have a fixed list of around 20 tags with 3-4 keywords each.


Thanks for your help!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Try something like this switch formula.  I would then use an automation to copy the text from the formala into your tags field.


  FIND("pizza", LOWER({Dinner Requests})), "Italian",
  FIND("sushi", LOWER({Dinner Requests})), "Japanese",
  FIND("burger", LOWER({Dinner Requests})), "American",


Thank you, @Dan_Montoya, somehow I get an error "invalid formula" when pasting your formula. It says it's missing parenthesis, but I can't figure out where