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4 - Data Explorer

How do I format the results of a numeric formula? For instance for a formula that sums a number of values from fields in my table into a new numeric field, how can I generate a “$” in front of those values automatically, and possibly format the numbers with a comma for a thousands separator?This is my working sum formula:

SUM({WC Revenue},{GL Revenue},{GH Revenue},{CP Revenue},{CA Revenue},{EPLI Revenue},{D&O Revenue},{PL Revenue},{KMLI Revenue},{LI Revenue},{HFLH Revenue},{EL Revenue},{GK Revenue},{ProL Revenue},{HO Revenue},{PA Revenue},{Bond Revenue},{Payroll Revenue})

Anything I can add to this to generate the “$” and/or the thousands separator?


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When editing the formula, above the formula field is a “Formatting” tab. Click that and you can choose from several formatting options, one of which is Currency.

Oh awesome! I totally forgot that was there. Thank you!