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Re: Formula for Commission Pay

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Hi all! We have an employee paid in part on commission. I’m attempting a formula to calculate the pay. Here are the factors:

If the appointment shows (pays $25)
If purchase is made (pays based on source of purchase)
Source 1: $50
Sources 2&3 : $100

So I’m looking for a formula that can display the amount if an appoint shows and no purchase is made and also if an appointment shows and a purchase is made via any source.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Welcome to the community, @Brad_Holley! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: The formula should be pretty easy to create, but we’ll need to know more about your base design. What field types are you using to track when an appointment shows and purchases are made from the available sources? If you can share screenshots, that would be helpful (even if you have to mask them to hide private data).

Single select fields for the source, appt. shown and vehicle purchased.

Thanks. Here’s a rough outline that you should be able to adapt with the specific options in your {Source} field in the SWITCH() function arguments, with the formula field formatted as currency:

IF({Appt. Shown} = "Yes", 25) +
IF({Vehicle Purchased} = "Yes",
        "Option 1", 50,
        "Option 2", 100,
        "Option 3", 100