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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a base that is set up to pull in a lot of data from our CRM, and then give my staff the ability to manage their event workflow with additional fields. It is set up so that there is one record created for the Parent and multiple records created for each “Dummy” event (long story). The Event Manager is linked to the Parent Event and each staff member is linked to one of the “dummy” events.

I would like to write a formula that scrapes each of the linked staff records in the the dummy events and combines them into a new cell in the Parent event. It would end up looking like this:


So ‘Matt’ had the “RXPO Real Game” and ‘Patrick’ and ‘Robin’ are on his event. In the field “Runners Assigned” it would list Robin and Patrick as linked records as well. Any help greatly appreciated.

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If you link dummy events to the main events, you could use a Lookup field to get a main event’s linked dummy event’s linked staff names.

Thanks Kamille,

That is what I was thinking, but I have thousands of records importing so it is not feasible to do this manually. Can you think of a formula that may be able to do so?

A formula cannot pull any information that isn’t contained elsewhere in the record. You could consider an Automation that will run on {Is Not Parent Game} = "Dummy Game" to do the linking for you, but that would require a Script Action within the Automation. Or you can use a custom app.

I like this app, but am not sure it will be able to do what I need. It looks to me like I would need to have an exact match between two fields in two tables.

For example, I have a unique URL field for every record in the Games table. But if I link to the Staff table, there are hundreds of linked records —> each staff member is linked to more than one record in the Games table. I feel like I am missing something…



Its possible your base just isn’t set up efficiently, and its possible Airtable can’t do what you want (either at all, or without scripts/Automations).

It would be easier to tell you which is the case if I could see the whole base.