Formula If client is married, primary field will show spouses name.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have the primary field set as a formula right now as 

CONCATENATE({Client Last Name},', ', {Client First Name}). I want the formula to include the spouses name after the client's name if the marital status (separate field) is married. What would be the formula for the primary field if I wanted it to be Client Last Name, Client First Name & Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name if the marital status field is married?
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Community Manager
Community Manager
     CONCATENATE({Client Last Name},', ', 
                 {Client First Name}, ', ', 
                 {Spouse Last Name},', ', 
                 {Spouse First Name}),
 CONCATENATE({Client Last Name},', ', {Client First Name}))

It would look something like this.