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6 - Interface Innovator

Is there a way to only have a formula to show in one cell?

I have a smaller table where I want to pull totals from two other tables then total those results to display…ie wages less expenses…is there a way to calculate this in only one row to yield the result across 12 months displayed horizontally?


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Yes and no.

No, you can’t have a formula that only operates in a single field of a single record, and doesn’t run at all in the same field for other records. A formula field runs its calculations for all records.

However, you can design the formula to only run the main calculation(s) when a specific condition is met, and then only trigger that condition in a specific record. For example, the formula could be something like this:

IF(Name="Total", [the rest of your formula here])

Only on the record where the {Name} field is set to “Total” would the main part do its thing. On all other records, it would leave the field blank. I haven’t used this technique very often, but it has come in handy on a couple occasions.