Formula - include URL from long text field (with rich text enabled)

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Is it possible to enable the URL from a long text field with rich text enabled (in other words, this field type) to be clicked on in another formula field? In other words, the long text field I have has text within the field linking out to URLs. When that long text field is included in another formula field (for instance, as a concatenation linking the long text field with other fields), the URLs disappear. Is there any way to enable the URLs to be included and clickable in that separate formula field?

Thanks so much!

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Unfortunately there's no way to extract the URL using a formula field. You could use a script to extract it, but it might be tricky if you have multiple URLs in the same field.

That's a bummer, but makes sense!

@Paul_Matsushima Hi! I played sometime with regex in a formula field and come so far with the following solution:

  REGEX_EXTRACT({Simple text},"(https?:\\/\\/)"), 
  REGEX_EXTRACT({Simple text},"(?:https?:\\/\\/)+([^\\s?]+)")

It can extract only the first URL in text. Hope this helps.

@Andrey_Kovalev That would work if the URL were exposed from the long text field. However, when using the rich text option to turn text into a clickable link, other formula fields that pull the resulting text only get the text, not the URL.

@Justin_Barrett Ahh, got you! I should have read the request more carefully.