Re: Formula that includes a rollup value is not working

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a rollup field that is pulling the sum of multiple numbers, and in the next field, I want to use that result in a formula, but am getting an error. Before it was a rollup and I just manually entered the number, the formula field worked fine, so I’m assuming it has something to do with changing it to a rollup.

This is my formula, total COG is the result of the rollup field:
IF(COG>0,({Profit}/{Total COG}))

Can rollups not be used in formulas or do I just need to change something about my wording for it to work?

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The rollup will work, as long as it results in a number (and in your case, as long as it’s not empty or 0).

Make sure you’re summarizing a number field, and make sure that you haven’t given any opportunities within your Rollup formula for the Rollup to result in anything but a number.

The rollup field is only showing numbers. All other lines where the rollup is only “adding” one value, the formula field is fine. Only the line where the rollup is actually adding multiple values is the formula giving #Error! as the result

What is your rollup formula? Post screenshots of both the rollup formula and how your rollup field looks with values in it.

This is the rollup formula:
Rollup Formula
Here are the values it’s pulling from and the results.
And here is the field with the formula I used above that should be using those 2 fields for its calculation

Oh my gosh, I completely missed that I didn’t update the first {COG} pull to the new {Total COG} pull, so it was pulling from the wrong column :woman_facepalming:
Now I feel silly, it does work.
Thank you for your help!