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Hi All! I have a nested IF statement that is set up to find if the value from Column A, B, C, D, or E matches Column F. If one matches, it produces the name of the column. What I’m looking for is a way to produce more than one name if more than one c...
I currently have an IF statement formula nested into a longer SWITCH formula, and am looking for a way to modify it some. Currently it is IF({Total Order Sold Price} < 15, 2.95, IF({Total Order Sold Price}>= 15, {Sold Price} * .2)) I want to first ch...
I have a field that includes a number range for each record: “5-10”, “15-20”, etc. On another table, I would like to do a rollup that adds together all the first and last numbers in those ranges, displaying “20-30” essentially. Is there a rollup form...
I have a rollup field that is pulling the sum of multiple numbers, and in the next field, I want to use that result in a formula, but am getting an error. Before it was a rollup and I just manually entered the number, the formula field worked fine, s...
Hi all! I’m looking for a solution in a switch formula, with nested if functions. I want to calculate a percentage & addition based fee that changes based on the category input. Also with possible caveats on how that fee is calculated based on the pr...