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6 - Interface Innovator

Anyone have any experience with geocodeing? I’m working with Airtable and Integromat to try to create a few integrations with location data that I’m collecting in airtable.

I’m looking to be able to geocode or reverse geocode any record in a table. I have a webform that will detect and capture gps coords if available, or the user can hand enter an address. When capturing the data I would like to use integromat to to geocode or rervese geocode so that the database contains both gps and physical addresses.

Another thing I’m hoping to figure out is how to do route planning, which I believe is possible through the google maps api, given a selection of addresses.

Does anyone have any examples or experience here they could share.

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I’ve used the Google Maps API in Airtable in conjunction with the Maps Block, but only to map static addresses. That’s about as close as I’ve gotten to what you are asking about.

This sounds super interesting, and I wish I had time to dive into it and test it out, but sadly I just don’t right now :frowning:

I don’t think the Maps Block is currently capable of plotting routes - it just displays pins on the map, one for each record that has a location defined in the view that you point the Block at. So I think, at least at this time, you will have to do your route planning externally to Airtable.

As far as the Geocoding goes, that sounds like something done entirely in Integromat’s logic, and I have no experience working with Integromat. However, it sounds like it should be possible if you have sufficient access to the Google Maps API from within Integromat.

I haven’t found optimized routing over at google but I did at Mapquest.

Mapquest will allow you to paste 26 locations on this page and it will make a route. So right now I can simply cut and paste.

But they also have it available in the api and I’ve had some success with the routing here but not getting the route to draw on my own test sample.

Optimized Route - GET

Documentation for MapQuest Directions API. Find the optimized routes between locations with a simple interface.

I’m a bit in over my head here but already I have something that sort of works for my purposes but it would be really cool to create a view or filtered set of records and then push that view to an optimized route.

With regard to the Geo and Reverse Geo I am pretty sure it’s possible, i’m also thinking about connecting google places data as well as geo/reverse geo.

My goal is to create a datacollection form that a user can upload a photo and have it’s lat/lon as well as info about the place of business at that location. All this coming into airtable. Then later use airtable to create an optimized delivery route based on selection criteria.

The maps block comes close and I have that working on this as well but like you said, no routing.

Did you ever figure out a solution for route planning? I have ~15 routes with 15 stops each and I want the routes to live within their own Views in Airtable. The Maps block doesn’t really cut it, and it’s difficult getting a Zapier integration sorted out.

@Bryan_Smith or @Brady_Hubbard1 did you guys come up with a nice solution to a route via airtable.

We have a list of jobs in a day and would like to chart a map for that day


Hi all, did someone figure this out? Else I can build it as an extension 

Hey! Did you ever build anything?