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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello everyone! 

I've made this Table: 

Skærmbillede 2022-12-13 kl. 15.37.10.png

The idea with the table is to show different kind of tasks, sorted by Week and Day. 

Right now when a task is completed, I will click on the 'Næste gang?' field and choose whether the task should be listed in the daily or weekly view. If it's a daily task, I will choose 'Daglig' and for weekly tasks I will choose 'Ugentlig'. 

However when I do that, this happens: 

Skærmbillede 2022-12-13 kl. 15.39.33.png

Instead of the task being re-created in the right view, it's being added in an Empty view. I therefore manually have to add it to the right view by clicking in the 'Hyppighed' field and select either Weekly or Daily. 

What I want here is the task to automatically be added to the right view. 

Also I really want to just be able to click in a check box when the task has been made and then Airtable knows which view the task belongs to instead of have to choose the right one in 'Næste gang?'

Are the 2 above improvements possible to do?


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

That worked, yes! So now it shows me the next due date based off the Deadline. So far so good. 

What I need now is the Record to update, like it did before. So before when I chose either Daily or Weekly in 'Næste gang?' the Record were recreated with a new due date. That's missing now. 

So what I want it the Record to be recreated (updated) when the checkbox is checked (either Daily or Weekly) and then the Record to be added to the correct view (status). 

Can you help with that? 

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

You can't add a formula in the automation, but you can change the formula a little in this way. 


So when you check the checkbox, automatically will calculate the new due date and the automation will add the "Weekly/Daily" Status

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Skærmbillede 2022-12-13 kl. 22.10.23.png

So I just made a test, and what you just wrote happens. Good! 

But what I want is the calculated due date to be inserted into the 'Deadline' field and then the checkbox unchecked, so that when the task is made the next day (it's recurring tasks), the same thing will happen. In other words: the Record to be recreated in a loop. Right now when I check the checkbox, it will just find the new coming due date in the 'Calculation' field which means that I manually have to remake the Record, and that's not what I hope to do. 

Does it make sense? 

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Okay! So I have now managed to have the Record moved to another view based on which off of the Checkboxes. So when one of the checkboxes have value 1, the status of the Record will change to 'Done' and be moved to that view.

What I need now is the Record to come back to the Todo view. I've tried to create this with an automation, but so far without success... See pictures (Done_view and Done_view1). For some reason that automation keeps creating new Records.