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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m new to writing formulas and am having trouble figuring out how to nail this one down. I want two things to happen, the date and the status fields both to be updated if the task has not been completed on time. Any pointers?

IF the DEADLINE (February 15, 2021 format) has past AND the STATUS (single drop down select) is not COMPLETE, THEN change DEADLINE to today AND change STATUS to OVERDUE

I’m thinking this could be solved in one nested formula but where would I even enter it if that’s correct?

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi Kaila. The formula in a formula field only has the ability to control what the field displays, not other fields in your table.

What you want is to use an automation to accomplish this task. Trigger on field conditions (you described them) and create an update record action to change the Status field. Job done!

Good luck.

Wow thank you so much! I never even opened up the automations section before, a whole new world!

I’m a bit stuck here though. I have my trigger field set up correctly, but the wording of everything in the action section does not seem intuitive to me. Right now I’m just trying to have the action be:

Update Record to change my “status” field to a different drop down select (change to “overdue”). This part I just cannot find my way through. Does anybody have pointers or have a link to a post somewhere that might help navigate this specific section?

Here you go. If you’re still stuck, just let me know.

That was very helpful and got me further along the way. I have one final hang up which is that I want my “deadline” to update to “today’s date” (today’s date I have as a function column in my table) and it looks to me like I have everything set up correctly, and the test is saying it ran properly, but the “deadline” field changed to being empty instead of filling with “today’s date.” Here is a screen shot. Any idea on what I’m missing here?AirtableAutomation