Re: How do I make a comma separated string list of numbers into array that is summable

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Visually it displays the exact same as if I use a lookup field, but trying to sum it just returns 0 :confused:


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But I have to have a rolling sum graph based on total earnings up to each month. So if in January I got 200, and February I got 300, it would show 200 for January and 500 for February. I already have a comma separated list of values, why can’t I just sum it, like I can with lookup comma separated value lists?

You’ve adopted the idea that Airtable is a spreadsheet comprised of static cells and a formula model that is not much different from Google sheets or Excel. In reality, Airtable is quite a departure from that which you assume, and to be fair - it is intentionally different to solve many other data-centric challenges.

The equivalent to lookups and list summations in the world of databases is commonly (and loosely) known as stored procedures; code blocks that perform these types of operations on certain rows. Script blocks and extensions are designed to bridge the gap between database-like platforms and the desire to perform these types of multi-row data aggregations that are so common in the world of spreadsheets.

The irony is that we all want Airtable to be different but exactly the same. :winking_face:

I’ll bet there’s a clever Airtable consultant that can engineer a way to avoid this challenge but still see the exact information you need for reporting.

When users hit the wall with stuff like this, it suggests there’s a corner and you’ve unintentionally painted yourself into it. With a little data modeling and requirements planning, I have a hunch you can avoid this altogether.

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6 - Interface Innovator

This is the solution! Worked for me anyway with a similar problem

"Change your lookup field to a rollup field and use the formula: SUM(values)"