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5 - Automation Enthusiast

How can I use linked records to create scalable reports?

I am trying to build a maintainance databases with “assets”, “maint types” and “log”.
For example…
Assets: red truck, white truck
Maint types: engine oil, etc
Log: date + asset (link) + Maint type (multi-link)

I would like to create a report for each asset & maint type combo when the last date of maintenance was.
I am aware that I can use logic formulas on the “log” and use rollup on the asset to find the latest date in a specific category, but that requires unstable and manual formula creation for each maintenance type.

Item, Asset (link), Maint Type (link), Latest Service Date (for this combo)

Here is a read only version of the base…

@W_Vann_Hall I thought this might interest you. I looked at several of your examples and posts, but could not find my solutions… perhaps you have already solved it and I missed it.

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Welcome to the community, Drew! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Your link to a read-only version of the base didn’t come through, possibly because of new-user restrictions in the forum software (or maybe you just didn’t paste it in). Try adding the link in a new comment and see if it takes.

That aside, you might take a look at this setup by @Mike_McLaughlin, which sounds like it’s similar to what you want to achieve, and which might work for your setup with a few tweaks: