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How to get a condtional lookup of linked record displayed in primary field (circular reference error)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

No matter what I try, Airtable will not allow me to display a latest linked record in the primary field. All attempts end with circular reference errors. Table structure:

name < primary, formula > ( {current name} )
company names [1:n] < linked > related to Company Name
current name < conditional lookup > from {company names} ( {if latest} = 1 )


Company Name
name < text >
company [n:1] < linked field > related to Company
if latest < formula > ( IF {start date} = {latest start date}, TRUE() )

I’m running out of ideas. As soon as I use company names in conditional context with if latest, I don’t get the value into the primary field. It also doesn’t matter if I evaluate current name in the Company table as shown in the example or in the Company Name table and use a normal unconditional lookup.

It can’t be that you have to use an automation for such a trivial thing!?

I would be happy if someone knows a solution.

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