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7 - App Architect


I have a rollup field for ‘Last Contact Date’ to fetch the most recent Communiques (which is my unique name for Contact Points) date and display it in my Contacts table.

So far so good.

Now - here is the challenge.

For the sake of convenience I just thought it’d be cool to display the related text for that particular field in another field - like “Last Contact Notes” - this would give me a quick refresher on that contact if I was going to call them again.

Just an idea.

And wondering if it’s possible?

I made a video to clarify:

And… something that will make me absolutely jump for the moon is if it were possible to have a field that would pull the notes from my Communiques table and arrange them by date as so:

14/7/21 - CALL
Spoke to Bob - he said he’ll get Amy to call me back.

18/6/21 - CALL
Spoke to Bob - he said Michael will have to approve.

1/6/21 - CALL
Spoke to Bob - he said Cartright will have to review.

Does that make sense? Because right now I have to open up every related field to see what’s inside it - and having that text field populated so I can just scroll from top to bottom would be a godsend - I’m guessing it would perhaps require some kind of script - but I’m game to try!

Then it would be a fully awesome CRM!

Thank you!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Kosta_Kondratenko,

I believe you can achieve the first method for the notes by using a roll up field with the same condition as the date, meaning get the latest notes.

As for compiling them, it would take a script to do that.

If you would like, I would be happy to discuss this further with you on a call, as I would like to ask about your base structure, if you don’t mind.

If you are up to it, feel free to schedule a call here to discuss further.


Yes, this is possible. Check out some of my recent posts on this topic below:

I use a formula field in the Communiques table to summarize the info for the record. Then I rollup that field.

My Sort Linked Records Automatically automation script is designed to do exactly this.

Note that the automation script will only sort linked records going forward. To sort existing linked records, my Sort Linked Records app is currently in review for the Airtable marketplace and currently available only with a custom install.

Thank you! I will investigate and it seems like your solutions have given me a potential way forward on this issue. Chrs

I also covered this topic in depth on today’s BuiltOnAir video podcast: