How to have multiple categeories for a record, but still see it in each individual category

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4 - Data Explorer

I use air table for my test prep company. We help people pass a general contractor’s exams in many different states.

I’m using air tables to keep track of all the questions. Sometimes I’ll have a question that is used in multiple books such as:

“What is the maximum allowable foundation pressure for sandy gravel?”

That can be found in 2 different books. It’s in the Residential Code 2006 AND in the Builder Code 2015. (see image below)


The problem is, if I group by book, I only see that question in the group that shows both of those books.

I need it to show in the Residential Code 2006, AND in the Builder Code 2015 when I look at the questions for those individual groups.

How do I make it appear in each of those individual groups?

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When using grouping, each record in Airtable may only be in a single group, as you saw. There’s no way around this. In a sense, Airtable records are like people in that way. A person (Bob) may belong to several different clubs, but if you gathered all the members of all the clubs that Bob belongs to in a single location, Bob can only stand with one of his clubs, even though he belongs to several.

To see the full question list for each book, try this: make a view named “Residential Code 2006”, and add a filter for your book assignment field (the name of which I can’t see in your screenshot, so I’ll call it {Book}) that only shows records containing “2006 IRC” in that field. Duplicate this view, rename it Builder Code 2015, and change the filter so that it only shows those records where {Book} contains “2015 IBC”. Each view will be the full list for a single book. Not quite as convenient as both full lists in one place, but it’s the best that can be done.