How to retrieve the name mentioned the most in a list (look up field)

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a look up field that contains a list of companies’ names. I want to get the most mentioned company in that list.

More details:
I have three tables:

  • Tenders
  • Entities
  • Companies

Tenders table has a linked record from both entities and companies.
From the entities table I created a look up table that retrieves the companies column. I’d like to get the name of the company that was mentioned the most.

The idea is to answer the following question: Which company gets the most tenders of each entity?


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I would just do it from the companies table. Create a field of type “count”, and then sort or group by that field.

Thanks for the reply but this isn’t the right approach.

The approach that I think would work but do know how to do it on Airtable is:
List the companies on a field > count the occurence of each company (still a list) > get the name of the company with the highest number.

Unfortunately that’s not possible in a formula field. It can be done via a script, though. Depending on how frequently you want to update this bit of data, you could perhaps use a scheduled automation to run the script.