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If Empty, If Not Empty Formula

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I have a link field called Sale and a formula field called Status. What I want is for Status to say “For Sale” when the Sale field is empty, and for Status to say “Sold” when the Sale field is not empty. I swear I do try to search for answers in docs and previous forum discussions before asking here, and I’m so grateful for those of you who come through.

From a previous discussion, I used this formula which helped part of the way…

IF({Sale},{Sale}, “For Sale”)

I just don’t know how to add the “Sold”

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Accepted Solutions

You’re close. Try this:

IF({Sale}, "Sold", "For Sale")

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You’re close. Try this:

IF({Sale}, "Sold", "For Sale")

That did the trick! Thanks so much!! :slightly_smiling_face: