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IF formula error message

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Hi everybody

I am having trouble with an IF formula.

As background – I have a table that includes three multiselect fields. I am trying to count the number of instances of a particular keyword (could be a single word, or multiple) in each field. Below is the formula I am trying to use:  

IF({KW Taxonomy L1}=Natural Sciences,"Yes","No")

Which isn’t working.

The fields are not linked to another table. Should they be? Am I barking up the wrong tree and should be using another formula entirely?

Many thanks

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Accepted Solutions


IF(FIND("Natural Sciences", {KW Taxonomy L1}), "Yes", "No")

See Solution in Thread

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IF(FIND("Natural Sciences", {KW Taxonomy L1}), "Yes", "No")

ked like a dream - thank you so much!