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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello Community!

I am struggling with writing a formula for naming the main field in a table.

I would like the formula to name the field {Company} if the field {Company} is not blank and name the field {Last Name} - {First Name} if the {Company} field is blank.

I just can’t seem to get it right. Can anyone help?


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Hi Leah, could you try the following?

 {Last Name} & " - " & {First Name}

Edit: Fixed the error kuovonne pointed out below!

I think you mean

{Last Name} & " - " & {First Name}

Otherwise you are trying to do math with names.

Formulas can set cell values. Formulas cannot change the name of a field (the column heading).

Hahahha now you’ve got me thinking about how I would deduct a first name from a last name


YES! You are amazing. I was totally over complicating it.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: too funny - and good point!