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If "QTY Used in Part" Equals 4, 550, or 1000 Then "correct" if not then "incorrect"

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Not sure how to properly write this out in a formula.

I’ve got it working with this one formula: IF({QTY Used in Part}=1000,“ :white_check_mark: Good :white_check_mark: ”,“ :red_circle: Incorrect :red_circle: ”)

I’ve tried just using a bunch of IF statements, I’ve tried to make AND/OR work to no avail (probably not doing it right), I’ve read about Switch but am unsure of how to make it work for my needs - I have no idea where to go from here.

Please help.

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The forum software won’t let me show you this with emojis, but here’s the structure of the formula:

{QTY Used in Part},

You are my hero! ❤️ Thank you so much! I was getting SO frustrated not understanding.

You’re welcome! Glad to be your superhero this morning! :man_superhero: